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Requirements of videos

The videos submitted by participants should fulfil the following requirements:

Time of filming

  • Participants can film the video at any timepoint of the year. Yet the age of participant during filming should be aligned with the age category.

Clear filming

  • Faces and performance gesture (including hands and pedals) of all participants should be filmed clearly in the video.

Editing and touch-ups

  • Any editing made after the start of performance will not be accepted except for stops between each movement.
  • Participants may add captions of the name of the piece when the performance starts. Other post-productions will not be accepted.
  • If any unaccepted post-production is found in the video, or if there is any post-production or touch-up on the soundtrack, the participant will be disqualified without notification.

Venue, dress code, video shooting technique

  • There is no limitation on the venue, dress code and technique of video shooting. Please dress in a neat and proper manner. Participants may self-arrangement the shooting matter according to their own conditions. Use of professional cameras or equipment is not a must. Videos taken with simple equipment, such as mobile phones, are enough.

Video uploads

  • The copyright of the videos belongs to the competition committee once they are submitted. The competition committee may upload the videos to the website, YouTube channel or other online platforms for the competition, promotion or other uses without notifying participants.

Document uploads

  • Accept .avi .wmv .mov . mpeg4  .mp4 only
  • The video file should be uploaded to any online document-sharing and cloud services platform (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). The download link should be submitted upon application.
  • Any uploads to online video-sharing websites (e.g. YouTube) that could not be downloaded directly are not accepted.
  • Please ensure that the competition staff can directly download the video through the download link. If the video can only be downloaded with a registered account, the video will not be processed.
  • Participants should ensure that the document can be downloaded normally at any timepoint before 31 December
  • Any submitted links, files and documents that could not be identified, searched, opened, downloaded and played will not be processed.

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, We have a new category for all musician.
Free style video

  • There are no restrictions on video.
  • Support one-man band, ensemble from home, online ensemble, home orchestra...etc.

You can choose "Free style" in the instrument list of solo application; or
Input "Free style" in the "ensemble type" of ensemble application.