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Competition that welcomes all musicians, music lovers and students

Music@e-Contest is an international online music contest that opens to all. The contest allows participation of musicians, music lovers and students from different countries or regions, and of different ages. Whether you are a student or a professional musician, or just an amateur, we have respective arrangements to ensure the fairness among different types of participants, and to enjoy the competition.

Regarding the types of musical instruments, we hope to provide musicians of different instruments with chances to perform. Therefore, apart from mainstream keyboard instruments, string and wind instruments and vocal, we welcome players of different instruments, or even ethnic instruments to participate in. Performers may join the competition in forms of solo, ensemble or orchestra.

Competition and performance opportunities

The contest aims to provide an uncommon international competition and performance opportunity to worldwide students, music lovers and musicians. Through mutual appreciation, participants can learn from one another to sharpen their skills and musicianship.

Convenient way for musical exchange

Through this online contest, participants can have musical exchange with international counterparts without paying traveling costs and time effort. The contest take place at anytime and anyplace. Concerns about schoolwork, job or personal schedule can be alleviated.

Broadening international horizons

With Internet technology, participants can expand their exposure. They may gain internationally representative recognition, while making closer the distance between participants and the global music circle.