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Nov 20, 2021

Winners in second round competition and finalists 2021

Winners of each category:
Category A: Angela Wang (Piano/Macao)
Category B: Wong Yu Hin (Violin /Hong Kong)
Category C: Zarina Zaradna (Harp /Poland)
Category D: Sandy Chen (Piano/ United Kingdom)
Category E: Agnieszka NATANEK (Clarinet / Poland)
Category F: ROGACEV DANIELA-VALERIA (Vocal & singing / Romania)
Category G: Anna Guja (Harpsichord / Poland)
Category H: Tingting Wang (Violin / China)
Category I: Sarah Smith (Piano/Australia)
Winners of Instrument Group:
Keyboard: Daniel Stang (Piano/Germany)
Percussion: Nadia Mikolajczyk (Percussion/Poland)
String: Wesley Chen (Violin/United States)
Woodwinds: Agnieszka NATANEK (Clarinet/Poland)
Brass: ANTONIO GALAN VENDRELL (Trombone/Spain)
Vocal & Singing: ROGACEV DANIELA-VALERIA (Vocal & Singing/Romania)
Ethnic Instruments: Līga Griķe (Concert kokle/Latvia)
Others: Yip Chun Hei (Harmonica/Hong Kong)
Ensembles: Y.J.U Trio (Trio/Taiwan)
2021 Finals Special Invitation List:
Richard Wang (Piano/United States)
Leon Klimiuk (Clarinet/Poland)
Klara Rockenschaub (Clarinet/Austria)
Melanie Wang (Piano/New Zealand)
Tit Nam LIU (Violin/Hong Kong)
Jakub Maciej Jezak (Percussion/Poland)
Jun 21, 2021

Music@e-Contest 2021 application detail

Based on June 15, 2021

Application received: 1863
Valid Application:       1773
Category:       Instrument Group:  
A (Age 5 or below): 56   Keyboard: 535
B (Age 6-8) : 344   Percussion: 55
C (Age 9-11) : 747   Strings : 325
D (Age 12-14) : 312   Woodwinds: 170
E (Age 15-17) : 260   Brass : 113
F (Age 18-21) : 28   Vocal & Singing: 135
G (Age 22 or above) : 8   Ethnic instruments: 116
H (Amateurs age 22 or above) : 12   Others : 77
I (Amateurs age 50 or above) : 5   Ensemble: 238
      Free Style Video: 4

Argentina,Austria,Azerbaijan,Bangladesh,Belarus,Belgium,Brazil,Bulgaria,Canada,China,Croatia (Hrvatska),Czech Republic,Georgia,Germany,Greece,Hong Kong,India,Indonesia,Italy,Latvia,Macao,Malaysia,Nepal,New Zealand,Nigeria,Poland,Portugal,Qatar,Romania,Russian Federation,Singapore,Slovenia,Spain,Taiwan,Thailand,Turkey,Uganda,Ukraine,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,United States,Venezuela.
Jun 16, 2021

2021 First round application finished

The first round of application for the Music@e-Contest 2021 finished on June 15. We have received 1768 of the 1863 applications that are valid. Invalid applications include incorrect email addresses, duplicate applications, video without a performer, submit soundtrack only, videos cannot be downloaded, etc. Detailed application data will be announced later.
For overdue applications, you can try to send us an email and the committee will approve each situation.
Nov 27, 2020

Winners in second round competition and finalists 2020

Winners of each category:
Category A: Nicholas Vikram Murugesu (Free style video/Singapore)
Category B: Kingsley Hsu (Piano/Australia)
Category C: Marianna Pazhik (Violin/Poland)
Category D: Pilar Magalí Policano (Violin/Argentina)
Category E: Eliana Cristina Pislariu Ranghilof (Vocal & Singing/Romania)
Category F: Demetra-Andzhalika Grigorova (Percussion/Bulgaria)
Category G: Mahoko Taniguchi (Vocal & Singing/Japan)
Category H: Carl Di Casoli (Piano/United States)
Category I: Iga Takahiro (Piano/Japan)

Winners of Instrument Group:
Keyboard: Neria García (Piano/Spain)
Percussion: Demetra-Andzhalika Grigorova (Percussion/Bulgaria)
String: Angela Rossel (Violin/Germany)
Woodwinds: Diana Pilate (Clarinet/Latvia)
Brass: Ho Fai Tang (Trumpet/Hong Kong)
Vocal & Singing: Mahoko Taniguchi (Vocal & Singing/Japan)
Ethnic Instruments: HO HIM CHIU (Accordion/Hong Kong)
Others: Chun Wang Hugo Chan (Harmonica/Hong Kong)
Ensembles: I-Ling HO & Fang-Yu HUANG (Flute Duet/Taiwan)

2020 Finals Special Invitation List:
Justyna Maślanka (Piano/Poland)
Bibiana Miskolciova (Organ/Slovakia)
Ana Kanižaj (Violin/Croatia)
Natalia Szymczyk (Violin/Poland)
William Overcash (Violin/Germany)
Szabó Lilla (Cello/Hungary)
Elishia Yeung (Harp/Canada)
Nov 03, 2020

Postal services to countries/regions affected by COVID-19

We have received notice from the post office that due to the impact of COVID-19, postal services in the following countries/regions have been suspended, and we will seek a feasible transportation method as soon as possible.
--The Russian Federation
--South Africa
In addition, if the postal address filled in by the contestant is not in English, the post office will not provide services and we will contact the contestant as soon as possible.
Nov 01, 2020

Results of the second round delayed

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the results of the second round will be postponed. We hope to complete the related work within two weeks. Here, we apologize to all participants.

In addition, the first round certificates have been mailed to the registered postal address of participants or handed over to regional agents for arrangement. However, air transportation arrangements in certain countries and regions are affected by COVID-19, and postal services may be delayed. Please pay attention and wait patiently. If you have any questions, we will also closely monitor the postal situation and keep in touch with you.

Oct 01, 2020

About the 2nd round application comfirmation email

The second round of applications has ended and we are processing all applications. Since a large number of participants apply in the last few days, the system was very busy. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please wait. We will send another confirmation email next week. If you still cannot receive the notification before October 10th, please contact us.
Sep 01, 2020

2nd round competition and 1st round certificates application

Participants have started to apply for the second round competition and the first round certificates, all applications will be closed on September 30.
Participants who apply for a certificate, we will start processing after the deadline and will send it out before the end of October.
Sep 01, 2020

Winner of "Most Popular Video Award"

The winning video for the "Most Popular Video Award" of this year's competition has been born.
As of August 31, this video has received the most likes on our YouTube channel, 1,132 likes in total

"Category : B (Age: 6-8 ) / Cello / Doruk Enes Sagir (Turkey)"

Congratulations to the winners, we will notify the winners of future arrangements via email.
Aug 17, 2020

1st Round Result of Music@e-Contest 2020

The results of the first round have been announced one after another. Please pay attention to the notification email or check the results on our website.
The second round applications will start at the same time. Promoted participants can apply through the link in the notification email or our website before September 30.
For the second round of the competition, you can apply for the original video or a new video.

Participants in the first round have excellent performances. If participants hope to achieve better results in the second round, the judges summarized the following points for your reference.

1. For instrument players, if the music needs accompaniment, please play with the accompaniment. Even without live accompaniment.
2. Please tune before starting.
3. Vocal and singing participants, please pay attention to the balance between accompaniment and singing in the video.
4. Choose suitable music to show personal skills and style.
5. Confidently play like a musician.
6. Pay attention to the tempo.
7. Dress neatly.